The aim of the new concept shoe collection is  to encourage practices that have longevity and responsibility for business and commerce between ourselves and the environments we share.



Seasonless: by choosing to work outside of the traditional seasons, the shoe collections are introduced as and when they are ready, which minimises the constant schedule, over production and wastage.

One at a time: loads of good designs and ideas get lost with the volume of collections. A really well designed item takes time to develop. A discerning customer needs time to consider them too, so each special shoe is introduced one style at a time. 



Minimising Waste: the shoes are available for pre-order, with hardly any stock held, ensuring only what is needed is made. So no more sample sales. By having a pre-order structure, the customer is required to wait for their item, like they did back in the day- but the best things are worth waiting for...



Recyled/Recyclable: a lot of waste in the fashion industry happens before the items hit the shop floor. The different parts of the shoes can be re-used during the production of the shoes. So instead of traditional disposal of the whole shoe during production should one element have errors, this process allows for the shoe to be re-made with as little waste as possible.

The sole of the shoes are made of recyclable rubber and the uppers made from offcuts of materials, using what is already available. That means that some colours and patterns cannot be re-ordered, but that is what makes them even more special.



By only working with a couple of selected stockists, there is much more control on the Retail Price of the products. Not only does this mean a fairer price to the end customer, but it also importantly allows a fairer price to our suppliers.